Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Two Year Check Up

In spite of my look of concern and the band aid on my finger, I'm fine. Yesterday I had my two year check up, and per usual, I passed with flying colors. I had to get one shot (ouch!) and they finger pricked me to test for lead. I was pretty mad about that one. They had to fill a small vile with my blood by dripping it from my finger. After a bit, I became intrigued by the whole thing, and it was kinda cool.

Here's what's new: I'm off whole milk and on to 2% or 1%. Dr. said I can stay in my crib as long as I want to. She also said I don't have to start potty training until I'm 2 1/2, and then if it seems I'm not interested, then I can wait until I'm 3. Speaking of 3, that's the next time the Dr. wants to see me. Can you believe someone would entrust me to my parents for a whole year - UNSUPERVISED? Pray for me.

The stats you've all been waiting for:

  • Weight - 33lbs 4oz - 94%
  • Height - 36" - 87%
  • Head - 49.8cm - 79%

Seems I have gotten much taller, and head is coming down a bit too. Overall this Dr. visit was much more pleasant than the last few. I cooperated with the stethoscope and the things that look in my ears and eyes. Well, it doesn't hurt that Dr. Goel is pretty easy on the eyes herself.

Crunch time,


gina. said...

way to go, bud! wow, you are getting so big. i think jasper is going to be on whole milk for the rest of his natural life. hahahaaha.

love ya!

GramaE said...

You are one mighty fine 2yr old specimen Mr. Henry and (as usual) we couldn't be more proud. It will be nice not to have to buy 2 different kinds of milk when you come to visit now. And all her other instructions will suit us all fine here too. I'm really not looking forward to you being out of the crib. You are pretty easy to control in that crib right now. Oh well.

Time marches on, Grame

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Way to go bud... just wait till you have to turn your head and cough-THATS when seeing the Doc gets interesting!

Anonymous said...

YOU are a rock star...Henry!!!
You have great numbers and a sweet Dr. ( I met her) really nice.
We are proud of you bud and can't wait to see you in a month...your dad said we are going fishing!
can't wait. love you,

Brady said...

Can't believe you are already TWO!!

Happy b-day and HAppy summer!!