Thursday, July 30, 2009

Archives - Month 37

Dear Henry,

I woke up in the middle of the night, and realized that it is July 30th, and I didn't do your monthly letter. For shame! I mean, this was one of the most important months of you life. What with your potty training, and not to mention you attending your first parade! Things are a happenin'!

Potty training is going *pretty* well. I guess I didn't really know what to expect, as far as accidents go. You have a few here and there. The other day you pee'd in your carseat, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't do that one anymore. Although, the poops are the worst. Its just too hard to try to get your undies off without getting poo all over everything. Everyone tells me to just cut them off and throw them away, but your undies are just too darn cute, I couldn't bear it. On the bright side, you have not pee'd your bed (knock knock on virtual wood).

It was fun to watch you at your first parade. You loved the marching band, the fire trucks, and the John Deere tractors. I think you were a bit shocked that people were throwing candy out there, for free, and no rules about how much you could take. And I think you were a little intimidated by the other kids who had been to parades before and were attacking that candy. But in no time you were out there and ended up with a full bag of your own. Which, by the way, you didn't eat even one piece and I ended up throwing it all out the other day. Its all about the chase, really.

We had our bathroom remodeled this month, and you loved spending time with our contractor/friend Cameron. You called him "Camera" which he loved and so do I. You watched him work all day, got in his way, pulled out your tool box whenever he showed up, and followed him wherever he went. I think you miss him now that he's gone, you keep asking if Camera can come over for "One second. Mom, just one second." Maybe that means you'll follow your daddy's foot steps and we can rename the company "Today's Exteriors and Son."

Here's to yet another great month. I can't decide which phase or age I like the most kid, but its just so fun watching, listening, and hopefully influencing you in a good way so you don't grow up to be a serial killer.

Love you so much it hurts,


Anonymous said...

Dear Henry and Mommy Nicki,

I am emotional these oldest turned 30 and my youngest turned 24 AND my second son is getting married tomorrow...whoa - they grow up too fast.
We love hearing about you Henry,etc. It makes me recall the "training times" fondly (believe it or not).

PLUS... did you know that your Mommy broke her neck "24" years ago this week??? TMI...ask Mommy

Just in the "neck" of time,
Love, Great Auntie "M"

Trisha Haroldson Murphy said...

Oh, potty training...Finn is 24 months and we can tell nowhere near ready to start. Keep up the good work Henry!

We haven't had a kid pee on the carseat, but we've had one puke all over it, so I can identify there!