Friday, July 17, 2009

Potty Training - Day 2 (Plus Bathroom Update Bonus)

Day one down, the final score was Toilet - 4/Undies - 3, so we came out ahead! I woke up dry this morning, but that's not really a surprise since I've been dry in the mornings consistently for about a year now. But one never really knows. This morning I woke up and had a great morning pee, followed by Nemo fruit snacks. If one thing is true, I'm really diggin' havin' treats in the morning.

Mama is learning, just like my birthday, I don't like a lot of fanfare when I go pee in the big potty. I don't like to be told that she's proud of me, or for her to hoot and holler, or for her to do any sort of celebratory dance. Just be cool man. Act like you've been there before. Today we hope to have a better record than yesterday...just to do my best...Mama says as long as I do my best she's proud of me. Just stop saying that.

As far as the bathroom remodel is going...its SO CLOSE we can taste it! Of course we're running a day or two behind, but the job is looking so good it really doesn't matter. Since we last spoke, the sinks have been installed, the shower has been tiled, the back splashes of the sinks are done, and the tub is in the works. The floor tile is next, followed by grouting, installing the plumbing fixtures, and painting. We're hoping for the middle of next week for the final reveal!

The rocky road to success,


Anonymous said...

YEAH HENRY!!!! Oh, I'm sorry. You're cool, man. Whatever, you know. Molly

GramaE said...

I say if there's a Day 2, success is right around the corner!! OK people, no praise or special attention....just act like it's an everyday thing, no big deal. I get that (but OMG this is exciting, in fact, life changing!!)

Nonchalantly going through life,

PS - This is going to kill me when you hit your first home run, or pitch your first no hitter.

The World According to Hudson said...

Henry! We are so excited for you! I am diggin' your Popeye undies!! Mom is gonna have to find me some of those!! Big Boy Undies RULE!!


p.s. be sure to point that thang DOWN!!!

gina said...

good job henry. i mean, no big whoop, dude. everybody poops. and pees. totally not a really big huge whoopdee at all.

oh, and that bathroom looks awesome! tell your mama i want her room when i come stay with you in a couple of weeks. ;)