Wednesday, July 01, 2009

40/40 Club

Well, I had my three year check up the other day, and seems I am in the 40/40 club. That means 40lbs - 97th percentile, 40" tall - 87th percentile. And you know what that means? BOOSTER SEAT! I'm in a booster seat baby, because I'm not a baby anymore! I went straight from the doc's office to the store and got me a new booster. I really am enjoying my new chair. I thought I'd miss not being able to turn the back lights on and off, and kick the temperature controls in the back seat. But the thrill of rolling the windows up and down, and hollering at people on the sidewalks is much better than some dumb lights. By the way, why do you people call it "rolling" down a window? It isn't rolled. All I do is push a button.

Social butterfly,

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gina said...

well, you beat your almost-5-year old cousin annie to the punch. we're still waiting to hit the 40 pound mark...but we're probably close enough. ;)

congrats...did you graduate from your high chair yet? *wink*