Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Crazies

We just got off of another great weekend with my cousins Presley and Cody, aunt Niki and uncle Larry, and Gammy from Texas. We had a great time and during their stay, my cousin Presley celebrated his 8th birthday. He really wanted to go fishing so we rented him a pontoon and spent the day at the lake. It was a success because everyone caught a fish! Presley caught the first one, then Aunt Niki, then Cody, then Daddy, and then uncle Larry. Then we went out for burgers and came home to eat his disc golf birthday cake that Mama made for him.

We had a great day, and Presley said he had the best birthday. I think Cody really liked it too.

Cottage by the lake,

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Anonymous said...

How much fun did we have?!?! It was so great...thank-you so much!
love you, gammy