Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another Kind Of Popsicle

Heavy doses of Pedialite juice and pops are in my future for the day. I have a bad case of the poops. One last night, three so far today (its not even noon) of ..... get this......grody, man smelling, but a pale yellow color of gross..... poop. Sorry to be so graphic, but Mom says that if she has to deal with it, so do you!

Here, there and everywhere,


gina. said...

ooooo, bummer dude. japper had that pale yellow crap (literally) once. it was like cornmeal. disGUSTING.

hope you feel better, bucko.

love, aunt gina

Nesa Rae said...

Henry, I'm so sorry you are a bit under the weather. But seriously, your mother is disgusting. Does she really have to share your business like that? OH - I loved your ice skating. You Rock!