Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mirror Time

We're having the upstairs wood work painted, so we're living in a bit of a mess right now. But I love that the mirrors which usually hang in the bathrooms, are laying on the floor in Mom's room. So I spent all morning checking myself out while Mom was watching her favorite show.

I discovered my belly button. Its hard to see under my round tummy. I made faces and noises. Tried out a few yoga moves, like the crouching lion and running man with socks. If nothing else, to all you parents out there, it makes a great babysitter while trying to catch your favorite show, while sipping coffee in bed.

Independent as a hog on ice,


Anonymous said...

dude you need to high tail it south
We got sunshine and lots a mirrors, tell your mom we got CBS sunday too
My parents are hungover so we are going out for Bloody Marys and Calamari Mom needs Fondue

Great auntie "M" said...

Fabulous photos Henry,

Tell your mom that she has become quite the photographer...

of course, you have become quite the "photographee".

By the way, yesterday's pic on the chair -- your legs are stretching out big guy:)
GAM and Big "J"

Gammy said...

You just couldn't be more precious!
love you, gammy

Anonymous said...

I love it! We made the blog - damn garage door. The Sunday Morning Show is the BEST! I would even set an alarm to get up and watch that one!