Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Deprogramming Not Complete

These trouble a brewing again. Mom and Dad went to Avenue Q last night with pals from Mom's office. Cute cousin Kyle babysat me. (I'm only saying "cute" because he got a bit of fan mail the last time he was featured on my blog.) Anyway, after last times babysitting adventure, he thought I was the best kid. This time, he's not so sure. I cried when Mom & Dad left, and I continued to be whinny all night until he put me to bed. I have photos, that he took with his fancy camera again, but forgot to send them to Mom's work computer today, so be sure to tune in tomorrow for cranky pictures of Hank.

Kyle, give me one more shot! I can be somebody! I can be a contendah!

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GramaE said...

Hmmmm...did you give him dirty looks you did me? Life is rough and tough now and then. We love you even tho you are sometimes mean too.

No one is perfect,