Friday, January 11, 2008

Dad's Broken and We Can't Photograph It

So, we're a little out of sorts here at our house today. Yesterday Daddy threw his back out. I know. So, he's been to the chiropractor twice now, but he's quite useless. All he can do is sit and lay. He can't even lift me. Yesterday he said he couldn't button his pants because he can't stand up straight. Poor little booger. He's better today, but now he's also sick and tired of doing nothing, so he's kind of annoying.

Then to top it off, Mom and I lost her camera yesterday when we were shopping. I was playing with it in the cart, and then I got cranky, so we left. Mom forgot I was playing with it, and I must have forgotten to put it back in her bag. So we called the store (JoAnn Fabrics), but they say they didn't find it. Mom thinks some crafting bit#$% stole it. Rude.

As fun as watching grass grow,


gina. said...

i think your mommy is looking for an excuse to get a new camera!

your poor should tell everyone HOW he threw his back out. ;) tell him auntie gina thinks those chiropracters don't know crapola and he needs to get to a real doctor...and then tell him to fill a cooler with bud light (you don't know what that is yet) and have a happy birthday tomorrow!

love auntie gina

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your Daddy (Uncle Aaron)!!!!!!We love you it looks collllllllllddddddddddd!
Goin to jump, wish you were here