Monday, January 07, 2008


Officially back to the old regime today. I'm going to school today to see all my pals. The parentals are chomping at the bit to get me back in the hands of Lini. They say I need to be deprogrammed, and I've been too spoiled with all of the grandma visits. I don't know why they don't appreciate my new talents of whining and the fake cry?! So, off to Lini Bootcamp to get straightened out.

Put up or shut up,


GramaE said...

We are all anxiously awaiting to hear what Lini thought of you. I hope you expound on that tomorrow. We need to know that it is not just our imaginations. Ha! Lini is very objective.

Cut through the hype,

Anonymous said...

Spoiled who you never could not be.... We loved the Butt Blog over and over again laughing out loud more butt blogs Hank
we luv ya man
Pres and Cod