Saturday, January 19, 2008

Street Wise

The big news around town is the weather of course. Check this out. Yes, that's a negative sign in front of that 12. The good news is that it was -14 when I got up. Great. And this is what it looks like outside. Its so deceivingly beautiful. It almost looks like a nice, warm spring day. But REMAIN IN YOUR HOUSE. Don't fall for that "bright sun" trick, all you southerners out there. You're just a bunch of amateurs, and you don't know the cruel tricks of Mother Nature. You have to be little street wise to survive up north. I'm a bit concerned about leaving the house today because yesterday Brooke and Jerrid's garage door's mechanical parts froze up, and when they went to close the door, it came crashing down. Yikes. I think we'll hole up until spring. See ya then!

The dark side of the moon,


Brady said...

Wow... at least you have that sweet new couch to hunker down on!

Stay warm Hank!

Anonymous said...

Hi Henry and Mommy, I just got home from Denver watching Andrew % Alex show their heifers, even uncle Sievert came!!!SO FUN!!! While I was watching the heifer show; your dad called me and told me it was going to be 45 below at Lake of the woods. I mean "are you kidding me?" He calls that a vacation? The beach sounds really good to me. Hugs, gammy