Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chrome Cup Holders

So while I'm upstairs, minding my own business, watching Elmo, the furniture guys came and delivered more stuff for Daddy's "Man Cave" in the basement. This guy has gone crazy, but I think its finally winding down. Here's what he got. Well, this is actually 2/3 pieces. The other piece is still on back order. Mom covered it with pillows and blankets to try to make it more appealing. Let's just say its not something they'd ever sell at Mom's office, and I think that if they knew it have features such as this and this, she may be fired.

Behind the clouds, the sun is shining ,


gina. said...

oh my god that is TOO FUNNY!!! i can't believe your mommy allowed that, hank!

love, auntie gina

Anonymous said...

Wow dude we are gonna have fun on that bad boy I am gonna get yall some TV and me eatin smoked meat, cheese, chips the list could go on It is the best couch I ever saw I can come this summer and stay as long as I want Mom said so

Brady said...

Dear Hank,

That is a cool couch! Man will that be great for football season!

Of course they don't sell that couch at Mama's fancy schmancy job, that's because it's too comfortable! A designer couch (sorry, sofa) can be neither functional nor comfortable.(look it up, it's in the interior design handbook)