Monday, January 14, 2008

Get Your Cute Look Ready

Time for another installment of my restaurant reviews! I know you're all excited, so let's get started...

This week we went to Joe Senser's Sports Theater. This is another of our family favorites. I like it because I get a balloon every time we go! I know, right? I had the grilled cheese, CRUSTLESS, and my favorite tube o'yogurt. Its great because I can dip the grilled cheese in ketchup. Have I mentioned how much I love dipping? Anyway, they always have a cartoon on one of their big screen TVs. And when you get tired of listening to your parent's endless chatter, you can get your own personal speaker for your table so you can hear what's on the TV you're watching.

During this visit, the unexpected happened. I gave the waitress my "cute look", and the next thing I know she comes back with a fruit roll up and a HO HO! What?! All of this for me?! So there it happened. My first Ho Ho. The eleventh day of the first month, in the year of our Lord 2008.

My HAJ rating................................................HHHHH

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