Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thank Auntie Niki

Who me? Get in the giant box of packing peanuts? Never! Never I tell you, You can't prove anything. I'll never tell. You can't make me.

Ticket to stardom,


GramaE said...

Packing peanuts are dangerous for little people like you. You can revisit them later when you are big. Don't you just hate them anyway?

You can't be too careful,

gammy said...

I am really glad I didn't do the "shipping to Mn. after X-mas" this year....xoxo gammy

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh you make me laugh lil man....I forgot how much fun those lil sticky (to everything) peanuts can be!!! Bet mom had a blast cleanin them they are so easy to get in a bag
Love you