Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Fish Called Jesse

Lini is on vacation this week in Mexico, the lucky dog. So I've been hanging out with Mom and Dad to kill time. Monday we went to Underwater World at the Mall of America. That was amazing. We saw all kinds of animals including an alligator, (or maybe its a croc, I don't know the difference), piranhas, sting rays, and the best was Jesse the shark. The aqaurium is underground, so there are fish all around you. Sometimes you're under the fish, that's how you can really get a good look at the shark's mouth. I'm hoping to get season tickets so we can come more often. I really like "shishes."

Had eyes that would pierce right through you,

PS - Sorry about the big pics, but cousin Kyle is making us take them this big, and then we forgot how he showed us to make them small again.

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Anonymous said...

So uh... when should I come by to get this whole photo deal straightened out?