Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hope I Don't Catch That

Palmer came over last night while his parents went out to some fancy shmancy dinner. We had my favorite, TACOS, for dinner. Trust me, even though it might not show, I love tacos. Palmer was not so into it. I wondered why, then - a clue - we got a call from Palmer's dad. Turns out Mama Palmer got sick during dinner and had to excuse herself to throw up. At least she didn't yack on the table. HA! Then on the way home from dinner, Papa Palmer had to pull over on I-94 so the mama could throw up again. Seems he wasn't quite quick enough and there was a bit of an accident on the side of the door. I know I shouldn't share this information, and probably should've changed the names to protect the innocent, but there's nothing innocent about this story.

Horn of plenty,



Anonymous said...

yes yes... very tasteful.

Anonymous said...

is she preggers?

GramaE said...

Since when is it your place to sit in a big chair at the big table for dinner? Don't tell me you aren't the baby anymore!

So many questions,
Love Grame

gina. said...

ah yes, i'm with "anon"...sounds like numero dos is on the way!