Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A New Direction

So, remember just over six years ago when my mom got her "dream job" at a place called Gunkelman Flesher Interior Design? Remember how she had visions of driving that new Jetta with her new paychecks? Remember how this was the job that she was going to have the rest of her life, and she was sure to retire with that company? Well, thing change. People change. They have babies. They need excitement in their life. They need to move on sometimes, as much as it hurts. As much as it hurts to leave that job, today is Mom's last day at GFID.

It is hard for her to leave a job where the people she worked with have treated her like family. Even like more than family, but I don't know a word for that. They have given her every opportunity in this world, have taken her to far away cities she may not have gone, and have taught her the ways of the big city. They have been there through the good and the bad, and have gone out of their way to give her more time with me. She appreciates everything so much that these people have done, and it hurts her so bad to leave them.

Its not a good-bye, and they've agreed to keep doing some work together in the future. They've also requested that she brings me by the office often for lunches. Of course, we could never turn that down. So if anyone knows words that mean more than thank you, or words that mean more than heart felt, or love, or can explain how much she'll miss everyone at that office, please let her know, because those words just seem to be cuttin' the mustard around here.

HAJ - Tune in tomorrow to hear about what comes next for Mama.


Brady said...

Congrats to Nicki! What do you mean tune in to see what comes next?! I already know what comes next: every time my Dad has been without a job what here's what comes next: a 3 day bender featuring 36 Pabst Blue Ribbons, zero showers and the same crappy robe for days on end. Enjoy!!!


gammy said...

All I can say is that I'm so proud of your mom as she follows her own heart. You can learn somthing from your mama, Henry....don't be a scardy cat...xoxo

gina. said...

so so so so excited for your mommy, hank. this is so much fun!

xoxo, auntie gina

Anonymous said...

Hanky Panky-your Mama is gonna rock! I suppose I will support her decision to leave GF IF I HAVE TO! I am gonna miss seeing you those three days a week. Don't be a stranger ya hear?

Auntie Brookie