Sunday, February 24, 2008

They're Trying Their Best

I'm not sure how you all have been spending your Sunday, but guess what I've been doing? Well, it all started at around 5am, when Mom heard me "coughing." She thought it was weird that I was coughing, since I didn't have a cough, but I was sick the day before with the 'rrhea. She didn't want to check on me just in case I was awake, then I'd never fall back asleep. Then she heard me cough again around 7:30, but thought the same thing. Instead of checking on me she went downstairs to make coffee and fiddled around. She finally came upstairs and dropped the coffee off in her room, and then went to get me up. There I was, sitting in the corner of my crib, with my back to the door. Throwing up all over myself. Sitting there, looking at her so sadly, still heaving.

Don't be too hard on Mama. She was only trying to stick with the schedule, and she felt so bad she's been trying to make it up to me all day. Daddy took me in the shower to clean me up and Mom started her first load of laundry for the day and called GmaE for help. See, this is the first time I've ever thrown up and no one here knew what to do about it. I just wanted to be tough, and try not to bother anyone with my discomfort. I hate to be such a burdon, just for little ol' me.

So Mom and I cuddled in bed. Yes cuddled. That's how sick I was. I even fell asleep briefly in her arms. Then I woke up and got down from bed, and went out in the hall and threw up again. But nothing came this time. I was empty. So went back to bed with Mom and snuggled and slept some more. Then I woke up and sat up and threw up again, but still empty. Mom kept trying to get me to drink Pedialite, but I hate it. I did like the milk she had brought me before she knew I was sick, so I drank that, and proceeded to fall asleep on Mama again. (By the way, Mom was secretly loving the snuggling and wanted it to last forever.) GmaE warned against giving me milk, but I was borderline dehydrated and Mom thought something was better than nothing.

Make a note, all you new or someday wanna be parents out there. Do not give your little one milk when they've been throwing up. I threw that milk up, all of it, a whole sippy cup full, all over Mom and her bed and her bedding and her pillows. White, chunky, cottage-cheesy, nastiness. So we hopped back into the shower, stripped the bed, remade the bed, and Mom started her next of 4 more loads of laundry. Then I started to feel better. My energy level went up, Daddy came home with more Pedialite, (I still don't really want it), and about an hour later I was starving and I ate two pieces of jelly toast. Its STILL in my tummy! Now I'm exhausted and napping. Throwing up all over your parents, and making them fell like lousy parents, takes a lot out of me.



Nesa Rae said...

Oh Hen, you poor thing! Breakin' it down and partying with the Teletubbies the day before really did you in! Your Mom used to be the same way way back when, hers was the Safari Lounge in Brookings and not the Teletubbies. I'm so glad you're feeling better. I'm sure your Mama is still not feeling quite OK with the whole thing, but it'll be OK. This may be your first real life lesson about knowing that you can tough it out until Mom is there - then after that your GOLD!

gina. said...

i still remember vividly the first times annie and japper threw up all over the place. it's so sad, henry. tell your mama she did fine - the first time i found annie it was EVERYWHERE, as in, she'd been sitting/laying/sleeping in it for hours. poor thing. my babies hate pedialyte, too. even the popsicles. so gross. i'm glad you are feeling better...and yes, milk is a bad thing to clean up after. P. U.
hug yourself and your mama and tell her we've all been there. welcome to the club!

love, aunt gina

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Oh, poor little one (and poor mama too). Sure happy to hear you are feeling more like your old self today. Now I just wonder where that daddy was at during all the fun....hmmmmm....