Saturday, February 09, 2008

Mine Is Better Than Yours

Today is GpaE's birthday! And guess what!? He decided to come to my house to celebrate! We went out for seafood, like good Catholics, (even though neither of us are) last night. Tonight we're treating him to a birthday dinner of ribs and chocolate cake. I really like to hang out with GpaE. For instance, instead of me eating seafood for dinner yesterday, he gave me candy corn and Skittles. My grandpa is better than your grandpa.

Just eyeball it,


Great Auntie "M" said...

Hey buddy!
You are the luckiest boy! Your GpaE is great. Send out a big Happy " " Birthday to him, okay! My sources tell me that there is no other place he'd rather be to celebrate:)

PS...remind him how much you like mini m&m's, okay!!?

Love to all,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dear Grandpa Nickis Dad Happy Birthday to You
Eat some cake for us
Love Cody and Presley
PS More figure skating videos please

gammy said...

Hi ya' nice to have grandparent's....happy birthday Don, and many, many more.
From what I see on the weather channel, you guys should stay in and watch ice skating...38 below?
It was 73 here yesterday and today it could reach 75. Why don't ya'all come on down and warm-up; we'd love to have you! Keep warm... said...

Why is Auntie M masquerading under the goofy psudonym Mary?

Nesa Rae said...

Happy Birthday to your Grandpa, Disco Don!!! By the look of that picture, you all must have actually gone to Mexico for the celebration. Henry, you're just too cute and I miss you. Please come visit or invite us to visit you!!! :-)