Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Good Morning?!

Good morning?! Good morning?! What's so good about it? I'm staying in bed all day, with my trusty pal Bob. So don't even try to get me up, because I'm not going to play with you today.

Another cliche,


gammy said...

You are so tired because of all that running!!! love you

gina. said...

sigh. the cuteness is oozing off my monitor right now, Hanky-doo...those little crossed feet, your airborne butt, the blankie over your head...it's all too cute.

i love ya, bucko.
auntie gina

GramaE said...

I challenge anyone out there to show me anything sweeter. I think he likes his fetal position...ahh life as it was....say...twenty months ago...

Respect for the past,