Thursday, February 21, 2008

Month 20 Archive

Dear Hanky Panky,

Another month gone. You're twenty months. Almost two years old. Do you know that next summer, when you turn three, you could play T-ball? Do you? Its like you're really a little boy.

This month you learned where your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and hair are located. I'm not sure who taught you that, but you got it down. The other day at school you said, "Lini, I hungry." So she fed you. What? Just now you came in my office and said, "Mommy, I see you." And I said, "I see you!" And you said "Whoa," and ran away. A person could actually sit down and hold some semblance of a conversation with you these days. Its shocking.

The biggest challenge of late is getting you into your carseat. Your signature "back-arch" move, and ear drum popping screams are enough to make us stay home and never leave the house. You fight and fight, every single time we want to go somewhere. Once you're in you're good, well after driving about 5 miles or so, the screaming stops. You need to understand that you will always be in your carseat, no matter what, and I will always win this battle. I'm the mom.

Speaking of speaking, you know that a cow says "moooooooon." Which I think is adorable. You can say your friend's names at school, and you sing along with a few of the letters in the alphabet. You can say grandma. Basically the days are spent with your father and I asking you to say something, and then you do. "Henry, can you say hippopotamus? Can you say oregano? Can you say aluminum?" Even more interesting is that you know what hot means. When you even see a picture of a candle you say "hot". When you see my coffee, or when you see something in the oven you say "hot." But, I won't tell that when you take a bite of ice cream and you also say "hot." Sugar.

Loves, Mama


brooke said...

Just last night I could not believe how much Henry is looking like a little boy instead of a baby. I love spending time with that little feller-and his parents aren't have bad either.

gina. said...

sigh. it happens so fast. annie is about to start SOCCER. what?

slow down, henr. can you say aunt gina?


GramaE said...

Hi Baby!! Whenever your mom does the archive piece, I get a lump in my throat and begin to have trouble seeing the page. Happy 20th yesterday! Doesn't seem possible that your 2nd birthday is in just 4 months. Way too cold here to even be dreaming of June. Tell your mom she's doing great with you...I love the tough talk. But when it comes to safety, there will be no concessions. You will likely learn that soon.

Same old song, different verse,
Love, Grama