Thursday, February 07, 2008

Here's the Skinny

Here's the skinny - for whatever reason Mama decided to quit a perfectly good job, to try to make it on her own. The name of her new company is Paperwork Design. Kinda sounds like she's going to make greeting cards or something doesn't it? Well, she's not. She is going to put herself out there for hire to designers who need help doing their paperwork. You may not know this, but designer are all a titch on the flighty side, and very arty, and they hate to do paperwork. But Mama on the otherhand, is a freak of nature and loves it. Remember how she likes to fill out forms, and to practice her own handwriting? She works on different ways to write an E, or maybe an L. For hours. This is what I'm talking about. She's also going to take the autoCAD skills she's learned, and offer that as one of her services. After that meltdown she had on her first day of class, everyone is in shock about this decision, but now she actually enjoys it, and believe it or not, prefers it to hand drafting.

So there ya go. She officially starts on 2/18, in the mean time she'll be laying around the house in her comfiest robe, drinking Pabst Blue Ribbons.

It's my way or the highway,

PS - Daddy wants me to mention that we are taking donations since we're down to one income. He even just turned in my application to start work at McDonalds. Help!


Nesa Rae said...

Hen, maybe you really do need to accept donations if your mother is going to drink Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Good luck to your Mama!!

Anonymous said...

I agree Pabst not so good....Mama is gonna love retirement , oops I mean her new job she is going to do great
Good luck
Auntie Niki

Emily Paulson said...

You gotta have a blog for your business now...oh geez.