Thursday, December 06, 2007

18 Month Check Up

This is me chomping on an M&M Mom used to distract me after my flu shot today. It worked. Along with the sucker later, all is forgiven. So yes, we made it to my doctor appointment, with no problems. And not that you want to know, but yes, its snowing another 2-4" here today. More expected this weekend. I'm not sure what's going on, but the oldies are saying this is what it was like when they were kids.

Here are my stats, cuz I know you're dying to know:

  • Weight - 29lbs 11oz - 91% - Mom thought I'd hit the big 3-0 this time, but no go.
  • Height - 33" of long and lanky-ness - 76%
  • Head - 49.5cm - 91% - The usual, I'm an ego maniac.

Doc said I am happy and healthy and that Mom and Dad are doing a great job! She was very impressed when I stood on my tippy toes and tried to jump. I'm sure no other kids my age even attempt such feats.

With a full head of steam,



The World According to Hudson said...

I hate shots too! Those nurses are so mean! Hang in there dude.

gina. said...

nice onesie, dude! you officially weigh as much as your 3 year old cousin!

love, auntie gina