Sunday, December 02, 2007

Reindeer Run 2007

As you may or may not have heard, we got about 10" of snow yesterday, give or take. That being said, and everyone around here knew it was going to happen....we still went out and did the Reindeer Run of 2007. In all fairness, they said the snow wasn't supposed to start until around noon, and we thought we'd be done and home and warm and cozy by that time. Boy were we wrong!

There was no snow on the ground when we headed out for the day. But by the time we got to the lake were the even was taking place, it was a full on blizzard. It sure didn't stop man nor beast from showing up! We went with Jerrid, Brooke, P-man, and his mom and dad, Martina and Brian. After some careful consideration, Mom and Martina decided to stay back with me and P-man in a nice warm tent. They decided it was too much for us and they didn't want our cheeks getting frost bitten.

I was happy to stay back, but sounds like everyone else had fun walking. Even though its called a "run" they mostly walked, and ran a little. Don't let Daddy fool you when he talks about how he once ran "during" a 5K, and how he now has a trick ankle.

Afterwards we all headed out for bloody mary's and apple juice! Then P-man headed over to our house to play and hang out during the blizzard. Mom tells me some of her favorite days are blizzard days, now I see why.

Silly as a goose,

PS - Shout out to Uncle Derek!! Happy Birthday buddy! Call me and I'll take you out for a big steak dinner! Love you!


GramaE said...

Sounds like fun! We got 8.5" of snow here in Aberdeen. I had to go out into it too. Looks like mom was able to get you buckled into your car seat with your new coat on. Wow!! GrampaE is out doing his second most favorite thing...moving snow (his most fav is being with you, of course).

Loves, Grame

Anonymous said...

Henry, It was 70 degrees when we woke up. No coats no shoes no problem. see ya in 18 days. Love Gpa Jack and gammy. P.S. tell mom and dad hi