Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sick Day

Well folks, I'm sure you noticed I was not here yesterday. I had my very first official sick day. I even missed school. I guess almost 18 months is a good run without being sick, but it finally happened. Just to ease your minds, I was really only sick on Sunday. No fever or puking thank goodness! I felt great yesterday, and today I'm a million bucks. But Mom didn't want to expose me to the other kids at school, so we played hookie.

I was weird being sick, and I didn't like it at all. I would walk over to Mommy and want to be picked up, and then when she did, I would do the "back arch" move, and want down. Then when she put me down, I wouldn't put weight on my legs, and I would lay on the floor and whine until she picked me up. Then I would do the "back arch" move......do you see the pattern? The whole day was filled with those kinds of actions. I just mostly was tired and had a bad cough and I think a sore throat.

But today I'm great! Don't you like how I'm learning to smile for the camera?

Colder than a Midwestern Minnesota Welldigger's gizzard,

PS - Thank you all for your readership. If you notice my little ticker in the bottom right corner, we finally have 10,000 hits! What an amazing milestone!


The World According to Hudson said...

Henry, we are glad that you are feeling better! Your mommy is going to have to show us how to put that ticker on our blog. My mommy is a dork and can't figure it out!!

Anonymous said...

We are so happy you're better...you know you fly here in 9 days and I want you happy, healthy and terrific!!!! All the plans are getting set in motion, it's very exciting. I like that cheesy,squinty smile...lov'in you,

GramaE said...

Hi Henry...I'm sooo glad that you are feeling better. We all suffer with worry when you are sick. I haven't commented for awhile...so sorry, but I just get so jealous of gammy 'cause she is going to see you first. I know...I had 10 days with you just a few weeks ago, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, hope you have some fun at gammy's, not too much though!! Hee hee.

Love, Grame

Nesa Rae said...

Oh Hen, being sick is such a drag. I'm glad you're better and back to your fun lovin' way of living life. Have a wonderful trip to TX and a great Christmas. It's going to be so fun for you this year, your parents are really going to love it. Hugs & Kisses