Saturday, December 15, 2007

Captain Kyle, Entertainment Director

Last night when Mom and Dad went out, my cousin Kyle came over to watch me. We had a great time, and he brought his fancy camera and we took a bunch of pictures. He posted more on my comments section of yesterday's post....check 'em out!

We did all kinds of stuff....we had a fashion show, we ate, we drank, we danced. And when all was done, I just had to crash. It was so fun hanging out with Kyle, I hope he comes over again sometime. Mom and Dad hope so too because he fixed the DVD player (that wasn't broken, just user error) and he didn't think midnight was late when they got home!

Moment of truth,

PS - All photos courtesy of Cousin Kyle, have you ever seen anything so clear? What a talent.


Great Auntie M said...

Hi Henry!
That Kyle is such a fun guy isn't he? I hope you have lots of great times with him. I love the photos -- you are the cutest lil' guy...

Love you - Enjoy Texas, ya all!

Allison said...

Hi Henry!
Your cousin Kyle is pretty cute!