Friday, December 21, 2007

Texas Day 1

We arrived safe and sound in TX yesterday. The flight was great, and if I do say so myself, I was great! I didn't cry once, and I loved looking out the windows and playing peekaboo with the kids in the seat in front of me. I think we'll be doing a lot more of this flying thing.

When we got to Fort Worth, Gammy and Grandpa took us to the Fort Worth Stock Yards, aka Cow Town. We saw an amazing parade with long horn cows in it, and then we got our picture taken with a real horse with a real cowboy (he thinks he's John Wayne.)

Then we did a little shopping and went to dinner at a place called Booger Red's Saloon. Where they specialize in Buffalo Butt beer. Here's why they call it Buffalo Butt. And this is what it looks like on the other side of that wall! But there were a few things that concerned me. Like I'm not sure if this is up to code or not. And I wonder what this beer tastes like? They had super cool saddles as barstools. Its Daddy's dream to have these at his bar some day, even Mama was down with it.

Today we're doing a little more last minute shopping, and then steaks for dinner! Yay! We're off to Houston to see the rest of the fam tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Eat and run,

PS - Special shout out to G&GE celebrating their 38th anniversary! That many years is way beyond my brain works. See you next week, and I love you!


Palmer's Mom and Dad said...

Great to hear the flight went well! Have a great Christmas!
Brian, Martina, and Palmer

GramaE said... never cease to amaze us. You can't imagine how worried your mother was about how you would be on the plane. Didn't you want to get up and run around? Thanks for blogging in Texas. We are soooo interested in what you are doing. You looked a little scared in some of those pix...maybe it just looked that way. Well, have fun with gammy and everyone. Say hi to them and Merry Christmas for me. Love, Grame

gina. said...

hen, i think mama likes to say she takes xanax on the airplane because she's worried about you and/or plane crashes. I THINK she just likes a little xanax and a cocktail in the afternoons.

just a thought,
auntie gina