Friday, December 14, 2007

At Leat the Ice Held

Now that I'm into hats, I'm loving this Cookie Monster one my cousins got me in Turks & Caicos! Thanks guys, now I see the thrill!

So, Daddy got back late last night from ice fishing in Canada. He said it was the worst few days of his life. It started out bad and just got worse. His fish finder broke, he ran over his NEW ice house with the 4 wheeler, he lost his auger cover, then they ran over the ice house again. If that wasn't enough there was a small fire, then the 4 wheeler broke down, then there was a massive blizzard and they were almost stranded on the ice, if not for some nice locals to help them out. They also refered to Daddy and his buddy as Twin Idiots from the Twin Cities....all in fun. Anyway, he finally made it home around midnight, so we're just glad to have him back.

A day late and a dollar short,


Palmer's Mom and Dad said...

Tell your dad to be careful! It's much easier to go fishing with me on Medicine rather than go all the way to Canada!

Anonymous said...

The adventure to Canada still has me shaking! You hug Daddy hard tonight, we are so thankful he's o.k. Love you Henry, gammy

Kyle said...

Alright, here are our photos you insisted I post IMMEDIATELY. I hope enjoy them from your crib.

GramaE said...

Henum....please ask Kyle how to get into facebook. I signed up and all and that was successful. Then when I clicked on HERE, it said it was unavailable!! FOILED AGAIN!! Grame

Anonymous said...


Here's a public link for those photos.