Monday, December 17, 2007

Missing: One Pheasant Family

Yesterday I was busy helping Dad shovel off the snow from the deck. The pheasant family has been fully buried for two weeks. Poor boogers. Its actually getting a little better here this week; we'll be in the 30's! Hold you hats!

I absolutely love going outside and playing. Well, not really playing. Mom has me bundled up so tight that I really can't move. And if I fall, I surely can't get up. So I mostly just stand there and supervise any activity. But, if you try to take me in the house, I'll only go kicking and screaming. I can't do much out there, but its sure better than being inside.

There's no free lunch,


Anonymous said...

I love your picture today, you are just adorable...and that! We are getting ready for you to come to Tx. would you like to sleep in the bunk room, like the big kids? Last yr. you slept in our master closet. You were so little then and you slept like a rock star, it was dark and quite in there. 4 more days. xoxo gammy

gina. said...

that snowsuit is awe. some.

love, auntie gina

Anonymous said...

Can not wait to see you sweetboy sorry bout the birds
Very clever with the awe.some.