Sunday, December 30, 2007

Presents Galore

We had yet another Christmas yesterday! I just can't believe all the presents. To be honest, its a bit over whelming for me, and I haven't gotten through it. I can only do about two at a time, and then I need a break. I can tell you so far I've gotten the greatest dog book and a train. Today we're off to great-grandma E's for....wait for it.....yeah, you know.....STRUDLES! Don't be jealous!

As luck should have it!


gina. said...

you are so busy! enjoy those strudels, mmmmmm.

love, auntie gina

Brady said...

Looks like a good Christmas to me Hank!! Why should it last only one day?!

Anonymous said...

We miss you sweet boy, Love the jacket you have on at Grandma Nickis moms party did you get cake?
Love Cody
PS the sweet boy part is from mom I know you are ruff and tuff
Happy New Year

Nesa Rae said...

Oh my gosh I really want some strudles!!!!!