Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hank's Dream Introduces...

I'd like to present to you a new feature on the Hank's Dream blog: we've been thinking about it for a while, and we're very excited for this next project. I've decided to start reviewing restaurants! Now these will be done from the perspective of a little kid, and not some stuffy, old adult. I go out to eat with my parents at least 4 times a week, if not more, and I have a lot of knowledge about dining out. I have a few favorites, and a few places I probably won't go again. I will share my knowledge and experiences, and hopefully give you a few new places to make your parents take you for a nice lunch.

We're going to start with our new favorite restaurant, Joey's Seafood and Grill. It just opened up in Golden Valley. We went for lunch yesterday, and for lunch last Saturday too. Foreshadowing....we love it. When they sat me at the table, they had nice, clean high chair. This is a plus, trust me. Then they gave me a small container of goldfish crackers. Creative! I loved them and they kept me busy while waiting for my meal. Along with watching the fish in the aquarium. The waitress even knew I'd love watching the fish, so she sat me at the closest table to the aquarium.

They have a nice selection on the kids menu, including fish and chips, corn dogs, and hamburgers. Along with a few other seafood goodies. Last week I had the macaroni and cheese. This was kid style mac & cheese, (think Kraft), but they added extra melted cheese on the top. It was very good, yet very, very messy. I don't think Mom will let me have that again. Today I had the mini corn dogs - I hated them, but my parents thought they were great; very crispy. I just have never had them before and wasn't down with them. They also have a great selection of sides for kids, besides french fries (which are very good with some kind of yummy seasoning), they have fruit, yogurt, and rice options.

OK, do you want to know why I didn't like the corn dogs? I was thrown off my game right before my meal arrived. Guess who showed up, out of the blue?! Man, is he kinda scary when you see him in real life. I kept my distance, but I did get a candy cane out of the deal. I just couldn't focus on anything after that. I'm still reeling.

If your parents take you to Joey's Seafood and Grill, (I see one is opening up soon in Sioux Falls!), they might want to try the Blackened Mahi Mahi Tacos. My parents HIGHLY recommend this dish, and Joey's is known for their fish and chips, as well as an extensive beer and wine selection. And if you have a non-fish lover in the group, there are burgers and many chicken selections.

Out of a possible 5 H's, Joey's Seafood and Grill gets.....HHHH1/2

Slicker than a wet noodle,


dahlkyle said...

Do you get all your meals comp'd now when you eat out? I need to get into this critic gig. Will ya go easy on me when review my turkey sandwiches? C'mon, I even cut off the crusts!

Nesa Rae said...

Wow Hen, I hope a Joey's opens up in KC soon! I'm also so very glad your Daddy made it home from Canada, cold and scary - not fun. (Michael wants to go ice fishing with your Dad....) So we just got back from SoDak last night. Brought home 12 pheasants. Midnight got to go and Michael says she did GREAT! I'll call you soon little man. Love ya - NR

Emily Paulson said...

Joey's just opened up 2 blocks from where I work. Thanks, Henry for the review. I now know where I will lunch tomorrow! Mini-corndogs - are those on the 30something menu. Yum!