Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Travel Time

Well folks, today will be spent packing, doing laundry, organizing,etc.... Tomorrow we're off to Texas! Postings will probably be a bit more sporadic, but nonetheless will continue. There will be so many adventures there for me.....lots of bloggable (its a word!) material. So, this is not a good-bye, but only a "see you later alligator."

The waiting is the hardest part,


Great Auntie "M" says said...

Enjoy the flight with mommy and daddy... and the warm weather with grammy and grampa.

Love you and your ma and pa oodles!
G.Auntie "M" & Big "J"

GramaE said...

Yeah and have a great 18 month birthday at gammy's house. We will be looking forward to your return and trip to see us. The presents are all wrapped (well, not really) and under the tree in hopes that little Henry will scream with glee (that's not really you, is it?). Looks like you will have good weather for travel! Stay safe. Hope you take time out from all the partying to do a little bloggin' at gammy's. We will be staying tuned.

Love, Grame