Saturday, December 29, 2007


Yesterday we had a surprise birthday party for Gma E! She had no clue. We just told her we were going out to dinner to celebrate, and when we got there, her closest friends and brothers and sister were there! She was so surprised, and even shed a few tears. My great auntie M made her a book that recapped pictures of her whole life. Gma just loved this book! I'm so glad I was here to celebrate with her, because she the best Gma in the business, and I love her very much.

Happy Birthday GramE,


gina. said...

happy birthday, linda! i just shed a few tears seeing those pics...i'm glad you had fun!

love gina

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy the Surprise birthday was a success....and we too wish Linda the happiest birthday ever.
love to you all...gammy

Great auntie "M" said...

Hi sweet Henry,

We pulled it off, didn't we!!! Thanks for keeping it a secret Henry:)
You were such a big boy last night at Gramae's party. Thanks for sharing m&m's with me...

remember -- cut the pickle...tickle tickle

Also, loved your bye bye's and I do's!

hugs to you and the fam,

dahlkyle said...

Most of the oldies stayed awake for the after-party. See photos one, two, three, and four for what you and dad missed.