Tuesday, December 18, 2007

False Alarm

So Saturday morning I woke up at 5am crying. I know. I can't believe it myself. My ears kinda hurt, and there was dried boogers in my hair, and all of it was bugging me. Daddy got me all cleaned up, and I went back to bed. Later that day, Mom's worried I have an ear infection, (she doesn't want me to get on a plane on Thursday with an infection) so she hauls me off to the Minute Clinic. The doc at the Minute Clinic won't treat me because I'm not 18 months old (I will be on Friday, but don't get me started.). Mom talked her into looking into my ears anyway, and she said that I definitely did have an ear infection and I need to see my doctor. Crud.

This brings me to yesterday, which was the soonest I could get an appointment, so I trucked on down to the clinic and saw my A-#1 doctor. She looks in my ears and sees nothing. Whew! So, either my super hero power is super healing powers or the doc at the Minute Clinic is a wack-job. I'm pretty sure I have super healing powers though.

My father didn't raise any idiots,


GramaE said...

Henry, We are all relieved and happy that you are in A#1 shape for traveling. Poor gammy, well we just can't think of what would have happened, if you could not go to TX. She probably didn't even know of the impending disaster. Anyway...like your mom says "it's all good" and you have a safe and fun trip. Love, Gramae

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Henry...if I had known I would have been sick with worry..In my book you have super healing powers, and we'll leave it at that. Only 2 more days and we finally get to see you...It's all good,dude. love, gammy
with a huge sigh of relief

gina. said...

you are a total superhero. my parents said they got to see you and your daddy today and that you were full of smiles for them! i myself can't wait to get a hold of those smiles...do you still prefer boys to girls or are you over that?

love ya and glad those ears are ok. love auntie gina