Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Experiments in Whipped Cream

I'm still sick. I slept throught the night though, and I had a great 3 HOUR nap yesterday at my new daycare!! Mom thinks its crazy how long I slept, when I never seem to nap that long when she lays me down. But I'm tellin' ya, I'm just tired from this cold and it was nice being in the house of a grandma and with all my new friends. We even got to play outside. Darlene (my new teacher) said that I had the best burp she's ever heard anyone have!! It was such a great day! I really like the new digs.

Dad's cure all remedy for my cough is whipped cream, so all weekend my parents were giving me licks off of their desserts. I'm not complaining. I've just been thinking, that if I took that chocolate that Grandpa gave me last week, and the whipped cream from this week, and put them together, I would really have something.

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Molly said...

I hope you get better, little Henry! I think your Dad may be on to something - whipped cream is a cure-all for many-a-ailments. I hope you like your new daycare and that you continue to nap like a rock star.

Laura said...

Hey you better tell your Mama that I better be able to sneak in babysitting when I come into town!!! Thinkin I might nick name you Grover by the way what are your thoughts???....Too cheesy Henry???