Friday, November 03, 2006

Once Upon a Heartbreak

Is anyone out there? Does anyone read this except my Grandma E? You guys know you can make comments on what you think about my adventures right? Just click on where it usually says "0 comments." It will let you tell me what you think of my blog. Your likes, dislikes, what you had for lunch...anything!

Sorry to go on a rant like that. I was just wondering who's out there.

Today we went to visit my new friend Rosaleen. No that's not her above, but that is her sister Frannie! I had a great time having lunch with them, and their mom Bridget, and my friend Martina. She didn't bring my best bud Palmer, he was stuck at daycare. Sucker.

Speaking of daycare, I had to go to my school today to say goodbye to all of my teachers and friends. Mom is making me switch daycares starting on Monday. Mom had to lie to them because she felt so bad taking me away from them. We just told them Mom was staying home full time. (not the truth - they were just WAY too expensive.) They are so nice and I'm going to miss them. They were all sad today and some cried. It was really very sad. Mom's tummy hurt.

I am going to Darlene's Daycare on Monday. Some people call her Snookie! I figure anyone called Snookie can't be all bad. And she has roots in Aberdeen! She has a great back yard and she said she's already fallin' in love with me. But how could she not? Look at me! I'll let you know how Monday goes.


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Will said...

You are the man. You rock on the blog