Wednesday, November 01, 2006

You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three

Last night was a blast! I only went out trying to score some loot at one house, but it was so fun! They took my picture and gave my mom tips on which houses to hit next year. Apparently there are a few houses in the neighborhood that hand out special treats for the parents. My friend Patrick stopped over too with his mom and dad and we gave them candy. I don't really understand this whole "Halloween" thing, but I think I like it. I get to dress up in a fun costume, run around like a crazy person, and people give me candy!?!?!? It just seems like a dream.....

Tonight we're going to check out a new daycare, so Mom says I need to be on my best behavior and make a good first impression. I guess that means no projectile vomiting. Boo.

I'm out - HAJ

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GramaE said...

I suppose I should comment on how cute you looked in your lobster costume. Sounds like you were a hit. We only had 75 trick or treaters last night. One kid commented on the Yankee pumpkin and said it was real cool (must have been one fan in the bunch). Ethan came to the house too. He was a power ranger. Bye.