Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I Want To Share This Story

The most interesting thing happened to me this morning. When Daddy was dropping me off at Darlene's, she told Dad that there was a story that she'd been meaning to tell him:

A long time ago, there was another little boy that came to Darlene's Daycare when he was about 4 months old. The boy is in college now. But he looked exactly like me. Darlene kept going on and on about how much I remind her of this little boy, and how much I look like him. Then she told Daddy that his name was Charlie. And she mentioned that she accidentally calls me Charlie all the time. (of course I knew she was doing this, I just didn't quite know how to tell Daddy yet.) Well, Daddy was shocked of course! He told Darlene that I get called Charlie a lot at home too, and then he told her the story about my big brother.

I think that was a little sign from my bro to let me know he's watching and that everything is OK. I think it was a sign for Darlene too, to let her know everything is OK. She recently lost one of her grand sons. His name is Oliver. (He has a brother named Henry.) I think Charlie is showing him around, and introducing him to all the important people up there, and of course taking him fishing every now and then.

I really wanted to share that story with you because is means a lot to me and my mom and dad. And its another reminder of my big brother and how much he is missed.



Palmer's Mom and Pop said...

That is CRAZY. Really makes you think :)

GramaE said...

Henry, Just want to let you know what a blessing your brother Charlie has been for our family. If we accidently call you Charlie every now and then, just go with the flow and know that it is nothing but a compliment ('cause he was one cute boy). We've loved you both with all our hearts and we thank God for blessing us again with you. If Charlie is up there putting words in our mouths...all the better to know he's there! Looks like he will be your personal watch dog through life. How lucky you are!! GramaE

UncleD said...

That is the greatest story I've heard in a long time. I often call you Char but stop myself before it comes out. God knows this is an Erlenbusch tradition. Also, I need to tell you NOT to get me choked up at work.