Monday, November 20, 2006

Weekend in Review

Its crazy how fast the weekend goes and then I realize that I haven't updated my blog, and Grandpa E is calling and wondering what's going on. I'm sorry AGAIN Grandpa. We had a busy weekend and there just wasn't time. Again, forgot the camera today too, so I don't have new photos but you just wait until tomorrow. You just wait.

This weekend Dad and I got to hang out a lot! Mom spent Saturday getting her hair and nails done and Daddy let me come with him to check on jobs! I got to meet some of his customers and everything. Daddy says he likes to bring me to work, then he gets out of helping clean up and stuff. Maybe I'll get to tag along more!! Then we went to my cousin Annie's birthday party. She's 2. Check out photos here - there's even one of me with my friend Laurie. I got to have a lick of the frosting on Annie's birthday cake. Its was strawberry flavored. I just can't wait until I get my own cake. And there won't be any of this sharing stuff. People kept taking pieces of HER cake. No way Jose. And my mom kept sneaking "bites", like she didn't end up eating a whole piece anyway when you add it up. She's crazy.

Yesterday, I spent a lot of the day napping. I actually took 3-2hour naps, and still slept throught the night!! I actually slept great last night because Mom put me into size 3 diapers when I sleep because I keep peeing through the size 2's. Best nights sleep I've had in weeks. Mom made Swedish meatballs to take to Grandma's for Thanksgiving. Look out Shally, Daddy said they were pretty good! Mom thought it would be nice if Daddy had a little tradition from his family for his Thanksgiving. The house was full of yummy smells because Dad made homemade bean with bacon soup. Now I guess that was really good too! I don't know what's gotten into those two, but I think they might be watching too much Food Network. I can't wait to partake in their little experiments.

Today is an exciting day at our house. Daddy's guys are putting on a new roof at the house. They're very noisy, but at least I got to leave and go to school before anything got too crazy. AND - we finally got our new furniture delivered for our family room. REAL FURNITURE! Mom is so excited, but seems to want to get even more new things now. Dad said, "Slow down." I can't wait to get home and lounge around in the new digs.


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