Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ride 'Em Cowboy

I'm 5 months old now and I'm finally big enough do the ride on the shoulders thing. This is great because now when I go to a parade or ball game I will be able to see what's going on over all of the tall people. What a view from up here!! Thank you Grandma!

Last night we went out to dinner - Dad said after spending two days with me, he could use a drink. Today I'm back at daycare with all my pals. I miss hanging out with Daddy, but its fun to be back at school. Darlene is tan from being in Florida - she missed me! Tomorrow I'm back home with Mom. She has all kinds of plans for shopping tomorrow - so I'm sure I'll get drug around town, all over creation. At least I don't have to drive.


1 comment:

gina said...

Do I see a little of Uncle Derek in that smile?