Thursday, November 16, 2006

Something You Don't See Everyday

Last night my best pal Palmer came over and hung out. His mom and dad went out to dinner, so we got to play. We hung out for a while, and then we put our jammies on, and then we ate, and then we went to bed. No problem.

Ok - so the real story of the day.....Mom and I were driving down the road, heading north bound on 494 this morning. The car in front of us decided to make an illigal u-turn on the interstate and headed into the turn around area. You know the one that only cops can use? Anyway, he turned around but did not stop or slow down or anything and pulled right into on coming traffic. Mommy witnessed him get SMASHED by the on coming dump truck. The windshield just exploded. It was like a movie, only real, and scary. Another car hit them, and we're not sure about how many others there were because there was so much traffic building up. Mom grabbed her phone and called 911 right away and reported the accident. She gave a good description because she saw the whole thing happen. It was the craziest thing she's ever seen. She was pretty shook up so she called Daddy to tell him what she saw, and then she started to cry. I mean, it could have happened to anybody. Like Mom said, she feels she's a good driver and aware of her surroundings and is careful. But this guy in that car just pulled out into traffic that was going at least 65mph. It all happened so fast. There was nothing that anyone could have done to get out of the way. It just really makes you think. I'm so glad we were heading north. God bless everyone involved.

Be careful out there,

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