Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hippity Hoppity

Happy Easter everyone! I hope the Easter Bunny brought you all lots of yummy goodies! I know I got way too much. Today I am not feeling well, and I am in a bit of a foul mood. I only made it about half way through church, and have needed naps a little more often today. Not even the always trusty chocolate bits, and veggie puffs are working to reel me in today.

G&G E just left after spending the weekend with us. Of course as you can imagine, they brought me lots of candy, and Mom and Dad too. I just love it when they visit. Mom & G-ma made yummy egg bake (Thank you Kathy) and yummy caramel rolls (Thank you Brooke) for Easter brunch. Along with kick butt ham and fruit salad. It was a great feast. Oh - remember - if you haven't already, since it Easter its a free day on your diet!

OK - sorry for the short post, but I need to get back down for a nap. My whining is driving my parentals crazy!!

Don't put all your eggs in one basket,

PS - Gammy, I know I promised you a video today, but really, I am so cranky, I'm not cooperating with Mom & Dad AT ALL. I promise it will come soon though. Love you!

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