Thursday, April 05, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

I only have a moment to make this post, I'm very busy today as you can see. I have to cover for the receptionist at my mom's office since she decided to take a day off. The phones are ringing off the hook, and I need to make coffee for the rep's that just came in, and then someone dumped a load of papers on my desk that need to be copied, collated, and filed. There seems to be no end.

As if that isn't bad enough, I had my 9 month check up this morning! I know, I forgot about it too. Doctor said I'm perfectly healthy and she has no concerns. Whew. So, here's the stats - 24lbs 5oz. Yes. TWENTY-FOUR POUND, FIVE OUNCES. That throws me into the 91%. I think I weigh more than my 2 year old cousin Annie. But I'm OK with it. Although Doc did make one snide comment - she told Mom that sometimes babies don't crawl because of their size. Their size. I'm like - "I can hear you. I'm right here." And Mom said, "well, I don't blame him. I couldn't haul all that around either." And they laughed. This is what I did.

The rest of the numbers look like this - I am 28.25" long, in the 42%. And my head is 47cm, in the 88%. So basically I look exactly like my parents: heavy, short, with big heads. God bless genetics.

Gone with the wind, (Although according to my Dr. it'll take one hell of a gust!)

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