Tuesday, April 10, 2007

This Is a Stick Up

Nobody move or the baby gets it! Hands up against the wall. Spread 'em.

These are some of the fun games that we play at my house. Good cop, bad cop, badder baby criminal. We're making memories. Someday we'll all laugh at the good times. Good times. Plus you can't really tell from this picture, but Mom put my jammies on backwards last night, and didn't notice until this morning. So all night I had to deal with the tag in my face. How hard can it be to put a pair of jammies on a kid?

Mind your P's and Q's,

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GramaE said...

Hi Henry, So sorry I haven't been able to comment on your blog recently. Once again, the technical difficulties, etc. If people didn't know your parents better, they would be jailed for potential child endangerment. We had so much fun with you last weekend. It's so hard to go home. I just hate it! Anyway, I guess there is a life beyond Henry that we need to attend to. Love you to bits, GramE