Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Naked Time

Naked time! Its naked time! Here's another fun, new thing I like to do! Its very dangerous to have everything all out there and free, with no protection....but its worth the risk.

Yesterday at school I played hard and often. I only napped about half an hour! Well, on the way home I was out like a light. Then when Mom was getting me out of the car seat, I could hardly open my eyes. Mom carried me right up to bed for a nap, and that was the first time I laid my head on her shoulder and snuggled up while she carried me. She was so excited about, although I don't see the thrill - I was dog tired. She called Dad right away to tell him, and he was so jealous. If there's anyone out there in this world that likes to snuggle, its my papa.
Slicker than a wet noodle,


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