Friday, April 13, 2007

Lady's Man

Today has been so busy already! I had a play date with my friends Abbylee and Briella. They came over and we had lunch and played! They were really cool, even though they're girls. I really liked to hug Briella, she's so pretty. And Abbylee likes to be the star of the show, so she put on a dance show for us all. She's really good at dancing.

Before the girls came over, Mom finally got her new washer and dryer delivered. She said she's never been more excited about laundry in her life. I'm just wanting a clean pair of pants.

The painters have finished up painting the downstairs too. Yay! I will include a few pictures. For those of you who have seen it, the mint green walls and black trim are GONE! But please ignore the mess, we're not completely put back together, but it still looks so much better than it did. Here's the bathroom. And here's Daddy's office. You almost want to hang out down there now. They'll start painting the upstairs trim in the next week or two....and then we're done, done, done!

One sandwich short of a picnic,

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GramaE said...

Hank, Please let me know how the first load goes in the new washer. Thanks, Gram