Saturday, October 13, 2007

College Boy

Last night I went to my first college party. OK, well it wasn't really a college party, but it was at a house with a bunch of college guys living there. There was beer pong and jello shots, like any typical college party. But the guys were quick to point out that it wasn't an official college party because they didn't charge us to get in and they served food.

It was actually my dad's friend Rick's birthday. Remember him? He's the one my parents went to Mexico with in March. Anyway, it was really fun, and there were lots of other kids there. And they had roasted a pig for dinner. Now that's yummy! Mom felt bad because some of the other moms were talking about this "poor baby" who didn't have any "shoes on", and it was "cold outside". She tried to explain to them my mental block, but I don't think they believed her. She should have brought yesterday's video with her.

Today my dad left for Chicago. He is flying on a private jet to Chicago, hanging out with the guys, eating at Ditka's, and then sitting in box seats at the Vikings/Bears game tomorrow. Mom and I are very jealous. But the rule was no wives and no kids. BO-RING!

Street smarts,

PS - Thank you to Mr. Gunkelman for this cool shirt. He brought it all the way from Italy for me. I'm so stylin'.

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knowing your parents as i do, i feel i have just glimpsed into your future... go jacks!! tash