Friday, October 26, 2007

Farm Party

I finally have a little time to sit down and tell you about the shower that Mom and my friend Esther threw for New Auntie. I know you've been waiting, hoping, wishing dreaming that the recap of the day would come, and now your wishes will all come true!

Per usual, I spend most of my time with Gpa E, I know your jaws are all agape at the shock. They had little tea sandwiches, champagne, and my personal favorite, pineapple. I ate a lot of the pineapple. They were served on toothpicks. Yeah, see, toothpicks. The theme of the party was New York City, since that's where New Auntie and Der are headed for their honeymoon. They played one game that tested how much New Auntie really knows Uncle D. She did OK, but I think she learned a little more than she wanted to with that game. Who knew D's favorite food is an Egg McMuffin?

They got LOTS of presents and all in all, they seemed pretty happy with everything they got. Wow, I can't wait to get married and get presents. Maybe Mom will let me register to get gifts for Halloween this year? Here's a shot of all the girls: Gma E, Mama, New Auntie, Esther, and Auntie M.

A fine time was had by all,

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