Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dad Needs a Hobby

Did you ever wonder what I look like when I sleep? Well, my dad did the other night. He took shots of me from every angle. How about this one? Or this one? Here's a personal favorite. How about this one, stretching and sucking on my fingers? Butt in the air. Through the slats on my bed. All the while here's Mom, not paying attention to the flashing camera going on in my bedroom at 11 o'clock at night.

Take the bitter with sweet,


Nesa Rae said...

Oh Henry, I love those pictures. I can't see the halo hanging over your head due to the flash of the camera, but I know it's there. Also, it's nice to know your Mama actually does brush her teeth.

gina said...

sleeping babies are the most beautiful things in the world. i love your dirty feet you little no-sock-no-shoe wearing fool. japper's feet look like that on the tops!

love auntie gina

GramaE said...

Henry...your daddy loves you so much.


Anonymous said...

You look so sweet I have been thinking...your parents should just let you have your way.....no shoes no socks never ever I love you and still do not like long pants we gotta stick together

The World According to Hudson said...

Those pictures are too cute! Hudson sleeps just like that...butt in air and all! take care.