Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Graphic Photo Ahead

Sorry for the graphic nature of this photo, those of you with weak stomachs may not like it. But my daddy was hunting this weekend while we were in SD and he got his limit both days! Unlike last year when they didn't get anything.

We had a great weekend over in SD. I got to hang with my grandparents, and got to meet a bunch of my great-great aunts at New Auntie's shower, and then on Sunday we went to the church bazaar and I won a stuffed animal in the fishing game! There was just so much going on all weekend with parties and wearing shoes and wearing socks and walking and talking, that I'm pretty much worn out today.

Day in and day out,

PS - Happy Anniversary yesterday to Nesa & Michael! Can't wait to see you 4 weeks!


Nesa Rae said...

Thanks for the anniversary wish Henry! We can't wait to see you too!! We're going to South Dakota this weekend to get some pheasants ourselves - how fun! I'll also go to the play at SDSU that night with all the fam - Blake is the star. Who's the puppy in your picture?

gina said...

i shoulda let you borrow japper's camo overalls - you are FAR too well-dressed to be in a hunting photo with a dead bird.

love ya bub,
auntie gina